Guess who this mail is from?

Well, my friends all told me to ignore your rantings, and stop reading your blog, but I didn't listen and there I went. I will say one more thing: that is the last time I do it. Your rotten whining, lying, and insulting words do not sting as much as they did, they just make me glad that you live 6000 miles away and that I never have to see you again Your blog will not be read by me ever again.
I do not need to get "help"...actually I did that years ago with more success than you are having coping with your issues in life. How dare you preach to me that way....like somehow you have all the answers. You have none of the answers. You never learned how to keep a nice home, to clean and take care of a home and be a real lady-instead you are a low class pig.  You are a sanctimonious jerk who has it all wrong-and you are the one who needs psychiatric help and very badly. But I'm sure the lies you tell any therapist will color your treatment and prevent any real truth from being said or dealt with.
At this point I am finally very comfortable saying goodbye to you and any offspring you may ever have. Stay away from me and I will never have anything to do with you. I am even going to rewrite my will and cut you out completely.
At the moment, your father and I have an appointment with an attorney for a cease and desist order to stop the continuous slander and filth you have put on the internet. We definitely have a case as your words are not proof of anything and you cannot say whatever you want in a public forum as you have been doing for months. We plan to sue you for every dime you have if you do not stop, and remove the filth you have already put out there. I am not kidding and strongly suggest that you remove all references to us and abuse and soon. I am finished with you and have lost any tolerance I still had for your warped, sick obsession with blaming me for your problems.
You had social and interactive problems all along as a child and teen, they were not caused by abuse, and you can write that they were in 1000 blogs and that will not make it so.
Go ahead, quote this in your blog for your readers. I have spoken to every one of my friends who has read your blog-guess what? They don't buy your lies-they all to a person feel sorry for you and think that you are sick and need treatment. You have no credibility with anyone who knows me and they are not on your side.
The strangers who don't know any better and believe your bullshit will let you play out your fantasy as a poor mistreated victim. So go ahead-enjoy yourself.
And guess what? FUCK YOU TOO.

First, I will state again, my blog is for me to share my experiences to help others and become stronger myself. What I have written here is an account of my life, including what my parents did and said to me growing up. They have verified that the words I quoted from them were in fact theirs, by trying to justify them and saying that my attitude and behavior as a child and teenager warranted such "discipline".

But as far as exaggerating and depicting my mother as a "horrible monster", I have done nothing of the sort. I did state that she could not control her emotions, and needed help if we were going to move on as a family. However I have not used hurtful, insulting terms to describe her as she has repeatedly done to me. And in this mail (which she even gave me permission to publish), she has made her true feelings very obvious to anyone who reads it.

I wonder, what kind of mother would watch their child struggle with "social problems" and instead of trying to help them and connect with them, call them names like "wacko" "mental patient" and tell them they have "no personality"?
And what kind of mother would call her child a "jerk" and an "asshole" and watch them cry, or watch them have a panic attack and offer no empathy whatsoever, even if they had been through the exact same thing themselves?
And what kind of mother, knowing full well that their child had a newborn baby and had a household income that qualified her for Medicare and WIC, would threaten to essentially put them on the streets?

When I look at Chinami, I feel nothing but all the love in the world for her. At this point I can't really make promises about what kind of mother I'll be, but I can promise what kind of mother I will not be.

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  1. Writing a mail like that is a horrible thing to do. And it's proof of you saying the truth about your mom!
    Who could read that mail and not think "If this would be my mom, I wouldn't want to be alive anymore!"?
    It's amazing that you have gone through something like that and still became the beautiful person you are!
    I think your mom should be sued! And she should be forbidden to contact you in any way!
    "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" - You must be an incredibly strong person!
    Liebe Grüße

  2. WOW. Just wow. What an email that is.

    Seems she's more worried about you making her lose face in front of her friends than about all the pain she's put you through.

    I hope she just disappears from your life and doesn't cause you any more trouble.

  3. Somehow I doubt that'll be the last time she reads your blog. She'll probably do it more often just to find reasons to be mad at you. However, I wouldn't worry about any of the threats that she made. No judge would believe that you lied about being abused for years for no apparent reason. The thing about abusers is that they'll never admit what they've done. In their mind they have done no wrong, and anything that happened to you was your own fault. I spent about 18 years being verbally abused by my stepfather and he never once apologized. I highly doubt that she ever will either.

    Completely cutting her out of your life sounds like the best and healthiest thing you could do at this point. Then you won't have to deal with her overbearing expectations and criticism. The "be a real lady" bit actually made me laugh. I wonder what her standards for that are!

  4. Love you.
    I am one of the people been helped by you~


  5. I agree with Crimsonmai, your husband as well as Chinami are your number 1 top priority. Cutting your parents out of the picture will definitly help you out, as well take stress levels down(if you're suffering from those). It's already hard enough to have a newborn baby, taking care of a household and above all, take care of yourself and stay healthy(for sake of the baby and your husband). You're a strong woman Sammi! Definitly stay above her level!

  6. Don't listen to her. She tries to say that you slander her, but she does it to herself by making such abusive remarks, when she knows you'll quote her. You'd think she'd try to sound more like the victim if she actually wanted a case against you for slander, instead she writes with such words that make her out to be the attacker. Sad. It's all very sad that she can say these things when she knows you've just had a child. Let her cut you off, it may be the best thing that happens to you. Good luck, and know I'm always here for you.

  7. Hey. If I were you just shut them out, you don't need that in your life. Some people are not fixable. People who do abusive things and such are never going to change. You need to move on and stay away from me. It may seem sad and that you want a full family in your life, but you will do better without.

    Just ignore them and move forward.