Looking back 振り返ってみた。 (Part 2: High School 高校生時代)

Over the past few days, I've been looking over my LiveJournal in the tranquility of my room in Hawaii and reliving those good and bad memories. Thinking about things I did, and things I didn't do. What I was wrong about and what I was right about, and how I can use this information in this new chapter of my life as a mother.
I haven't collected my thoughts enough to really write them down here yet, so for now I am just remembering and reflecting.

So far I have read from 2001-2003. I My high school years. High school was one of the most important periods of my life, and most of my journal revolved around my friends, extracurricular activities and clubs, and classes. By re-reading my journal, I relived my real-life drama through almost-daily journal entries filled with a youthful passion and emotion, from being excited over the latest anime, to elated after a fun outing with friends, to raging over something that was unfair.

I made those entries on my Windows 95 PC with an 8GB harddrive and large, unwieldy monitor. It became my constant helper and companion as my generation entered the Information Age. The computer became more than just an electronic typewriter and game machine, it replaced photo developers, newspapers, stereos, DVD players, postcards, and even telephones as the Internet became accessible to more and more people. It took our parents' generation a little more time to get used to the idea, and get over their "kids these days" mentality as they wondered what could be so interesting about "staring at a screen all day"(as was frequently uttered about myself.)

I wrote a lot about my hobbies and extra-curricular activities. I was very active in theater and music programs at my school. Even though my parents frequently criticized me and hindered my efforts, saying I have no talent, going to rehearsal on a weekend is ridiculous and a waste of time, and that when I finish high school my interest in theater will also be "over,"I never got discouraged and always enjoyed my time on or near the stage. Being in the Thespian society and going to conferences in Pennsylvania and Nebraska (on the bus!) as well as auditioning, rehearsing and performing in The Music Man, Camelot, various short plays and production numbers, and then Godspell during summer were some of the best experiences in my life. The Bucks County Playhouse became a second home to me as I was there whenever I could be to volunteer and see the show.

Music was (and is, and will always be) my passion. in 2001-2003, most of my peers were listening to pop music by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Destiny's Child, Pink, and the Latin fad was in full force. My parents listened to and played jazz constantly. But despite pressure to conform and limit myself to what other people considered "good music", I developed interests in a very wide range of unique music. The mp3s on my hard drive were organized into folders; A cappella groups, Anime soundtracks, Broadway showtunes, Classical, Evanescence, German music (this ranged from polka to techno to metal), Hello! Project, Queen, Spice Girls, X-Japan, and more.
I've always had an ear for music and enjoyed playing the piano and singing. In chorus, I went from soprano to alto because the harmonies were more challenging and interesting.

And then there was my obsession-Japanese culture. I watched anime and clips from Japanese TV shows and music videos for hours on end, sometimes alone, and sometimes with my best friends by my side. I started to study Japanese on my own using books from the library and resources from the Internet. I also enjoyed drawing anime-style pictures and filled sketchbooks with both intricately shaded pencil drawings and fun original comics, and as I learned, I wrote words and phrases in hiragana and katakana in my books as well. Of course, since the only languages acceptable to learn in my community were Spanish, French and German (the languages offered in my high school) learning Japanese made me something of a target for ridicule in my own home, and at school (at school I could study with friends, though.)

I wrote about my classes in school, how I hated Algebra and Geometry, how Keyboarding class was so hard (but paid off!) how Mr. Halpern's Intro to Physics was the easiest BS class ever. (Mr. Halpern apologized to me at one point for not challenging me, because in his words, if he did, he would "lose them.") I wrote about German class, Art class, Theatre class, English class, Intro to Psychology, all of the classes I loved and thrived in. But mostly I wrote about how easy most of the work was and wondered why there were so many people around me that seemingly couldn't understand the simple lessons being taught.

I wrote about all the other activities going on at my school that I participated in. School carnivals, volunteer activities, class projects, the Prom, and finally graduation. I wrote about the SATs, college trips, applications, and finally acceptance to University of Hawaii. I became increasingly anxious, eager to get out but nervous for the future.

There was one more thing I wrote about, that cannot go forgotten.
September 11, 2001. We were in class and they announced that planes had hit the World Trade Center towers. We don't usually have the breaking news announced over the intercom, so everyone was shocked. We spent half the day watching the news before going home. In the following weeks my entries would occasionally take a somber note as I wrote about how I lit a candle and prayed (within my own religious beliefs of course) and then turn into anger as I expressed my disbelief with the actions the Bush administration was taking. Months later, on the day we started the war for "freedom" in Iraq I wrote about feeling physically sick and holding back tears in school. The "terror alert" color coded system seemed pointless to me at the time....and turned out to be pointless in the long run.

So those were my high school years. Lots of drama, fun, and some politics. Stay tuned for the next chapter - college!





音楽は私にとって、すごく大事です(この時代からでも、今でも、ずっと・・・)2001年から2003年といえば、Jennifer Lopez,Destiny’s Child,など、あとラティン風の音楽が人気だった気がするんです。自分の両親が毎日ジャズばっかり聞いたり、弾いたり、歌ったりしてました。でも周りの人にその自分の思ってる「いい音楽」に興味を持てとプレッシャーかけられても、自分がずっと全く違う、でも広い範囲の種類の音楽を聴いてました。パソコンの中の様々なmp3ファイルがフォルダーに分かれてました。アカペラ音楽、アニメ、ブロードウェー、クラシック、エバネセンス、ドイツの音楽、ハロプロ、クイーン、スパイス・ガールズ、X、などなど。前から音感も少しあって、耳コピーでピアノも弾くのが好きで、合唱部でも耳のトレーニングにソプラノからアルトに移動しました。






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