Bicycle commute!!! 自転車通勤

At my new job, I work from 4am-12 or 1pm, 5 days a week. So that means I usually wake up around 2 am, feed Chinami (so hopefully she will sleep a little longer in the morning for Yasushi), prepare her lunch and my lunch for that day, and get on my bicycle around 3:30 or 3:45, depending on my predicted workload that day.
I started riding a bicycle to work when I worked at KCC Farmer's Market and Segway of Hawaii last year because riding the bicycle cost almost nothing compared to a monthly bus pass or $5 round trip, and it was much faster than waiting for the bus and then riding it, plus the walk to and from the bus stop. I wanted to leave and get home as fast as possible for Chinami. 
However, now, I don't have the luxury of a choice. But just because it's my only choice, that doesn't make it bad. There are several benefits to commuting by bicycle.
1. Cheap - my bike cost almost $200 after repairs and buying a U-lock. A monthly bus pass would cost $60 (no buses run at 4am anyway) and parking in my building costs $150/month.(Can't drive and my husband needs the van to get our daughter to school anyway) I've had this bicycle for 2 months so far (my other one was stolen) so I am pretty much going to come out on top in this aspect. 
2. Convenient - Going to the bus stop to catch the only bus that goes to Waikiki which goes the scenic way, I would need at least one hour to get to Waikiki. On my bike, I'm there in 20 minutes at the very most! 
3. 15 minutes a day of easy cycling easily burns 80 calories. Which between that and my 15 minute yoga flow explains why I eat those snacks at the office and still haven't gained a pound!
4. Safer and faster than my only other realistic means of transportation -- walking. My coworker, an old man, used to walk to work, about 30 minutes which would be about the same amount of time it would take me to walk. However, he got mugged and spent a week in hospital, which is why he drives his car instead. If it's not safe for an old local guy to walk in Waikiki, it would be about as safe for this 110lb haole girl to walk in Waikiki at 4am as it would be to drink gasoline while holding a lighter!! 
However, there are drawbacks, and the biggest one is--
1. RAIN. Right now most of the country is in a polar vortex or whatever and getting craploads of snow and cold weather advisories, but here in Hawaii, we have plenty of wind and rain to tell us Winter is here. I still have yet to think of a good way to bike in the rain, for now I just pray to the nature gods to give me a chance, and when that fails, wear board shorts and a raincoat and change into my work clothes when I get there. Also --
2. the road? or the sidewalk? There are only a few places on my route that have designated bike lanes. The rest of the time I'm on the sidewalk, dodging homeless peoples' tents and pedestrians, or in the far right lane weaving around parked cars and nearly getting hit by rude drivers who think people like me are crazy for biking in the rain -- as if we have a choice.

Still, the bicycle commute is the best as far as I'm concerned.


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